The iPerceptions Active Research Platform Is Here!

by Phil A.

Important Announcement

4Q Survey Has Become iPerceptions


After a tireless effort made by the whole iPerceptions team, our new Active Research platform has just been launched!

We have upgraded the portal’s look and feel to improve usability, and also enhanced it by including more features. The iPerceptions website has been overhauled and now serves as a knowledge hub with more in-depth information about our features, plans and research.

4Q Survey has been upgraded to the new iPerceptions Active Research platform. All of 4Q’s functionality and features are still available, and with lots more.



Some questions you may have about this upgrade:

What is happening to 4Q survey?

4Q Survey no longer exists and you have been upgraded to our new Active Research Platform. The 4Q framework is still available through our new platform as just one of the many research frameworks that are provided.


To which iPerceptions plan has my current 4Q Survey plan been upgraded? 

Refer to the following page for more information about your plan upgrade:

Note that clicking on the icons provided on this page will also provide more detailed information about your new iPerceptions plan.


What has happened with all existing data and login credentials?

  • All of your login credentials have remained the same.
  • All of your responses and surveys, including draft and archived surveys, are still available on our new platform.


Do I have to do anything?

No. We handled the entire upgrade from beginning to end.  You can access our new Active Research platform and begin right away.




To view our brand new website, visit

To access our new Active Research platform, visit, or login through the iPerceptions website.

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please let us know below!

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