New Survey Interface Launching This Summer!

by Phil A.

iPerceptions is excited to announce that our new survey and comment card interfaces have been released for all of our Free, Plus and Premium clients!  This next generation of survey and comment card interfaces provide a more engaging and intuitive experience that will delight respondents and increase responses.

Check out this blog post for more information about iPerceptions' new survey and comment card experience, and you can also click here to test drive iPerceptions' new survey experience. 


Q.  What do I need to do?

Nothing!  We will take care of transitioning your projects for you. 

If you have a Free, Plus or Premium account with iPerceptions, your projects were automatically upgraded to our new interface on July 24th 2014.  

If you have a Professional or Enterprise account with iPerceptions, your dedicated Account Manager will contact you shortly to discuss how we will proceed with transitioning your projects.


Q.  What can I expect from transitioning to iPerceptions' new interface?

  • A refined and intuitive survey experience with handicap accessibility
  • Increased performance through cloud hosting that loads 3.2x faster
  • Expanded in-portal preview options that make it seamless to test your projects on different devices and browsers


Q.  To which of my projects will this upgrade be applied?  

All iPerceptions surveys (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet) will be transitioned to iPerceptions' new survey interface, while Comment Cards will also be upgraded to a sleek new interface.  


Q.  Will this transition have any impact on my survey results?  

After performing A/B testing to compare our previous and new interfaces, we found there to be no significant difference in the data being collected using either interfaces, including for our 4Q Framework questions (Overall Experience, Purpose of Visit and Task Completion).  



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