Introducing - iPerceptions Experience & Intent Benchmark™

by Phil A.

Today, we are excited to announce that we launched the iPerceptions’ next generation Experience & Intent Benchmark™ which provides interactive and improved data visualizations with the capability to segment by intent, overall experience and task completion. 


What’s happening? 

As of today, you will be able to access the new iPerceptions Experience & Intent Benchmark™ via the Active Research SaaS Platform under the ANALYZE tab. As a reminder, we completely redesigned the benchmarking interactive reporting interface in the Active Research SaaS Platform to provide: 

  • Business objective benchmarking which measures your site’s effectiveness by comparing your results against sites with the same business objective.
  • Greater context to visitor intent with iPerceptions’ Intent Benchmark™ which compares your website’s task completion by purpose of visit relative to sites with the same objective.
  • Improved reporting with interactive features and increased flexibility to compare your task completion and experience results to any or all of our 15+ industries and 7 site objectives. 

For more details on how to leverage iPerceptions Experience & Intent Benchmark™, please refer to this blog post, or refer to this article in our support forum.

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