Navigating the iPerceptions Active Research Platform

by Phil A.

UPDATED: December 3 2015

We are happy to announce that on Friday December 4th 2015, you will have access to a more intuitive and user friendly platform the next time you login to your iPerceptions account.

Check out this article for a quick overview of the notable changes that you will see with this update, and check out this article for a detailed overview of our new platform navigation. 




Once you have logged into your iPerceptions account, you can use the drop-down menu for administrative purposes and the main sections (My Projects, Design, Collect, Integrate and Analyze) to navigate the Active Research Platform:




1. The user account that you are currently logged in.

2. Return to while remaining logged into your iPerceptions account.  Once on the website, a “My portal” option will be provided in the drop-down menu to return to the iPerceptions portal.

3. Manage the administrative aspects of your iPerceptions account, such as updating your account information and password, updating the payment information linked to your iPerceptions subscription, as well as adding new user accounts for your colleagues and managing their permissions.

4. View account upgrade options.

5. Log out of your iPerceptions account.

6. Create, activate / deactivate and get an overview of your projects, as well as obtain the Universal Code for your account.

7. Manage the master version of your projects, modify certain aesthetic aspects of your projects, and manage translations.

8. Manage the invitation template / feedback button and invitation triggers / rates for your projects, as well as obtain the Universal Code for your account.

9. Integrate your iPerceptions data with marketing technologies, such as web analytics and session replay.

10. Analyze the data collected with your iPerceptions projects.  


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