User Account Permissions Overview (Enterprise plan)

by Phil A.

The "Associated Surveys" page is where you can assign different project-level permissions to the other user accounts linked to your subscription.  This page will be available only for those who have been provided with "Administrator" permissions.  

When accessing the "Associated Surveys" page for an Enterprise-level account, you will see the following table: 



Each row under the "User" heading represents the different permissions that can be assigned to a user account for each individual project created with your subscription (with "Not Assigned" also being an option).

Each column represents represents the different actions that the different permissions allow:

  • View Surveys: Ability to view all of the questions currently programmed for this project in the "Research Setup" page.  Does not provide editing capabilities.  
  • Reporting & Analysis: Ability to use any of the analysis tools provided in the "Analyze" section, except for Advanced Exploration
  • Interactive Dashboard: Ability to use Advanced Exploration for this project.  All users associated to a given project can access Advanced Exploration for that project.  However, only Administrators have the ability to create and edit worksheets in Advanced Exploration.    
  • Export Data: Ability to use the "Data Export" feature for this project in the "Analyze" section of the iPerceptions Platform.
  • Edit and Publish Survey: Ability to use any of the features provided in the "Research" section of the iPerceptions Platform for this project.
  • Create and Delete Surveys:  Ability to create new projects or delete existing projects in the "Overview" section of the iPerceptions Platform.
  • Manage Users:  Ability to add or delete user accounts to be linked to your subscription, as well as specify their project-level permissions.  
  • Manage Email Reports:  Ability to create, manage and delete Scheduled Reports for this project on the "Schedule Reports" page in the "Analyze" section of the Active Research platform.  



UPDATED: November 22 2016

An update has been performed to the types of permissions that can be assigned to individual users.  


UPDATED: December 4 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

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