Assigning Permissions to User Accounts on the "Associated Surveys" Page

by Phil A.

UPDATED: November 22 2016


The "Associated Surveys" page is where you can assign different project-level permissions to the other user accounts linked to your subscription.  This page will be available only for those who have been provided with "Administrator" privileges.  

To start assigning permissions to a user account, select the user for whom you would like to edit their permission levels.



If you are unable to find a certain user within the drop-down menu, it is because they have yet to activate their account.  An automated e-mail is sent to those for whom a user account was added in the User Manager page, which provides next steps for accessing their iPerceptions account.


After selecting a user, a table will appear showing the permissions that are currently assigned for this user account for each of the projects in your subscription.  By default, new user accounts will show "Not Assigned" for each of the projects, meaning that they will not be able to see any of these projects when they log in with their account.  Use the drop-down menus provided to assign the desired permission levels of this user for each of the projects listed:


*Screenshot provided above shows list of permissions available for Enterprise-level user accounts.  Click here for a list of Premium- and Professional-level permissions.


Any selection you make in the "Permission" drop-down menus will be applied to the selected user account in real-time.


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