Selecting a Date Range

by Phil A.

UPDATED: February 28 2014


By default, when first accessing the “Score Card” reporting tool, the data collecting within only the previous week will be shown.  However, you can modify the date range through which to view your data by using the drop-down menu provided near the top of the page:





Within this drop-down menu, you can choose to look at data trended for:

- Last Week

- Last Month

- Last 3 months

- Last 6 months

- Month to Date (from the 1st of this current month up to today)

- Year to Date (from January 1st of this current year up to today)


As well, you are able to choose a specific date range by selecting “Custom Date”.  After making this selection, use the “From” and “To” calendars to the right to make your selections:





Once you are done making your selection, click on the “Update Filter” button provided to apply your selections to the data shown.


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