Reviewing Your Data within the “Trended” Chart

by Phil A.

UPDATED: February 28 2014


Within the “Score Card” reporting tool, a chart is provided within the “Trended” section which allows you to get a quick look at the number (and type) of responses you received within the date range you selected.  By default, this chart will show you the total number of responses you have collected trended over time.  However, you can change what is shown within this chart by using the 2 drop-down menus provided:




Within the 1st drop-down menu, you can choose to look at the following data:

- Number of Respondents

- Referral Rating

- Net Promoters

- % of comments which were Negative, Positive, or Suggestions


Within the 2nd drop-down menu, you can choose to look at the data you selected within the 1st drop-down menu based on:

- All respondents

- Type of comment (Negative vs. Positive vs. Suggestion)

- Focus of the comment 


Once you have made your selections, simply click the “Update” button provided to the right of the 2nd drop-down menu, and your selections will be applied to the chart. 


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