Reviewing Your Data within the “Trended” Table

by Phil A.

UPDATED: February 28 2014


Within the “Score Card” reporting tool, a table is provided within both the “Trended” and "Score Card" sections which allows you to get a quick look at the number (and type) of responses you received within the date range you selected:




1) Path: Lists where you collected responses for your Comment Card.

2) Rating: Average Referral Rating provided by respondents when asked their likelihood to refer your website.

3) All: Total number of responses that were collected on that particular Path.

4) Negative:  Total number of Negative comments which were provided for this Path.

5) Positive: Total number of Positive comments which were provided for this Path.

6) Suggestions: Total number of Suggestions which were provided for this Path.


You can sort any of these columns by clicking on the title of the column.  For example, if you would like to list all Paths based on the number of responses which were provided within them, simply click on the “All” title within the table.


FAQ: Why don’t I see the complete website URL for some comments in the portal and in my scheduled emails? 

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