Different Surveys For Different Landing Pages

by Christopher Pam

UPDATED: October 10 2013

Please note that iPerceptions introduced its new Active Research platform in February 2013 which included notable changes to our website and portal, as well as to the plans offered.  Please refer to this page on the iPerceptions website for a feature-by-feature overview of the different iPerceptions plans available.  


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Phil A.

The iPerceptions Support Team



While iPerceptions Active Research has collection limits (based on package), there is nothing restricting users from creating a 2nd, 3rd  or 15th survey. Placing a different survey on your “Support” portal's landing page will help you better identify the needs of these specific visitors, and allow you to use your “Purchase” survey to better evaluate buying behavior.

Simply create another survey on your account, customize the purpose of visit accordingly, and place this new script on the landing pages you desire. This survey will run in parallel with any other surveys currently active, with all of them contributing to your account limit.

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