Google Analytics Integration Documentation

by Christopher Pam

UPDATED: July 14 2014

An updated version of this document has been attached to this support article.  

Overall, this document provides instructions on how to integrate iPerceptions data with Classic Google Analytics (using the ga.js library) in the Active Research Platform, as well as the different ways to analyze the data in the Active Research Platform.  

Changes made to this version of the document include a new section showing how you can use Google Analytics variables during your analysis using the “Dashboard” and “Trending” reporting tools, while minor text changes have also been made throughout.

With the advent of Universal Analytics, please note that iPerceptions offers complimentary integration with Google Analytics when using the ga.js library.  For information concerning Integration with Google Analytics when using the analytics.js library, please contact



Thank you,

Phil A. 

The iPerceptions Support Team




UPDATED: July 5 2013

Please note that we have attached an updated version of this document, which outlines all of the features and flexibility that are available to you with the iPerceptions Enterprise plan.  


A couple of notes with regards to this document:

1) From the iPerceptions Free to the iPerceptions Professional plan, a pre-determined list of iPerceptions and Google Analytics variables are included in the integration.  Click the following links to view the lists of pre-determined variables that are pushed and pulled during the integration process. 

2) The Business Intelligence Dashboard (or BI Reporting) feature is available starting at the iPerceptions Professional plan.


Thank you,

Phil A. 

The iPerceptions Support Team



Combining survey data with Google Analytics data can provide deeper insights into website visitors. Depending on your subscription, you will be able to both push data into GA and pull data from GA into 4Q Suite.Attached is a document that will help guide you though the requirements for integration with GA, what variables are available for cross-tabulation and what you can expect.

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