Create A Widget In The Google Analytics Dashboard

by Christopher Pam

Editorial Note (2013-02-09): this article contains, or refer to, information that is not fully aligned with the latest release. However the information is consistent enough to be useful and should be updated soon.

Follow these simple steps to create an iPercreptions widget on your Google Analytics dashboard.

  1. Click on "Home" in Google Analytics, and then the "+ Add Widget" button.
  2. Create a "metric" widget, as opposed to a "pie chart"
  3. In the "add a metric" space, select "Avg. Value"
  4. Click on "Add a filter", and in the green "Dimension" box, select "Event Action"
  5. In the field following "Exactly matching" write "IPESAT" to display the satisfaction score, or "IPETask" to display the task completion rate. Note that this part is case-sensitive.
  6. Name your widget accordingly... i.e. "Satisfaction Score" if you chose to use IPESAT in the previous step.
  7. Check out the "Add a Widget" screenshot, located below, for the final product of steps 2-6.
  8. Satisfaction scores will display as a number between 0.00 and 10.00, in accordance with the 0-10 satisfaction scale in the survey.
  9. Task Completion scores will show as a number between 0.00 and 1.00, and can be referred to as a percentage. In other words, Task Completion of 0.68 can be referred to as 68%.

For a detailed walk-through of Google Analytics integration, be sure to watch our webinar located here:


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    Editorial Note (2013-02-09): for improved clarity, references to the naming used in previous releases have been edited in this thread. Edits are highlighted using brackets: [edits]

    Hi All, love the product and I am trying to setup the widgets but so far no luck with either IPESAT or any of them frankly. I noticed that you have the metric for Average Value showing as "Ave. Value" but in GA.5 it is not abbreviated. so what version is the above graphic from?

    That aside, I have followed your instructions exactly and no data is flowing. I DO see in Content > Events the [survey] data.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Jonathan

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    Also, the average value now shows a $ sign.

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    Christopher Pam

    Hi Jonathan,

    Just to make things muddy, it seems that GA has both Avg.Value and Average Value. When you go to add the widget, type in "avg" instead of trying to find the metric in the drop down box.

    I just set up a widget in our own GA install, and it worked fine. If you use the Average Value, it will look for conversion value (i believe) and give you a $ amount. If you use "Avg. Value" it will give you the average value of the event action. Let me know if this helps...





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    Aaha! Thanks, working perfectly and appreciate the FAST turnaround!

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