iPerceptions Variables That Are Pushed Into Google Analytics

by Phil A.

Available with every iPerceptions plan is the ability to integrate data from your iPerceptions Certified Survey and Custom Survey into your Google Analytics account.  


With the iPerceptions Free, Plus, Premium and Professional plans, the following 6 iPerceptions variables will be pushed into Google Analytics.  Please note that the variables with a " * " can only be pushed when integrating the data from an iPerceptions Certified Survey: 

- Accept Invitation 
- Survey Start 
- IPESat (Overall Satisfaction) * 
- IPEPoV (Purpose of Visit) *
- IPETask (Task Completion) *
- Survey Complete


With the iPerceptions Enterprise plan, you will gain flexibility with regards to the iPerceptions variables you can push.  Overall, you would be able to push up to 15 different variables (from the same survey) into Google Analytics, so long as they are any of the following question types listed below.  Ask your dedicated iPerceptions Analyst for more information! 

- Close-ended (e.g. Single-Select)

- Close-ended with Score

- iPSI Attributes


FAQ: In what format are the iPerceptions variables pushed to Google Analytics?

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