Data Usage Policy for iPerceptions Google Analytics Integration

by Phil A.

Integration with Google Analytics enables the association of clickstream analysis with survey and feedback data.

iPerceptions exchanges data with your Google Analytics account through the secure permission process built into Google products.

Individual Google Analytics users can authorize iPerceptions to connect with a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is an optional integration enabled by the end-user of the iPerceptions Active Research platform.

Depending on your service tier, two forms of integration with Google Analytics are available through the iPerceptions Active Research platform:

  • Push only: Push iPerceptions data to Google Analytics
  • Push & Pull: Push iPerceptions data to Google Analytics & Pull Google Analytics data into iPerceptions

The only requirement to integrate iPerceptions data with Google Analytics is a valid Google Analytics login and a UA-account number.

The survey respondent data collected using iPerceptions surveys is pushed into Google Analytics as Event Category, Event Action, Event Label and Event Value.

The data collected using Google Analytics and that is pulled into the iPerceptions Active Research platform, and made available as part of specific reports on the platform, is: TimeOnSite, Keyword, Medium, Referral Path, Source, ExitPagePath and LandingPagePath.

Once connected, you do not need to be logged into your Google Analytics account to work with Google Analytics data in the iPerceptions Active Research platform, and any end-user associated with the iPerceptions Active Research project to which that data source is connected will be able to see or interact with that data in the iPerceptions Active Research platform, depending on their user permissions level.

If the user selected the Push & Pull integration option, the Google Analytics data is stored in the iPerceptions database and used in reports and charts provided on the iPerceptions Active Research platform.

Finally, any Google Analytics account can be disconnected from the iPerceptions Active Research platform at any time by visiting the Manage your Google Analytics integration page within the View and manage your projects page.

iPerceptions is committed to following Google's best-practices for interacting with your data, and we are proud to be listed in Google's Analytics App Gallery.

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