FAQ: Which invitation type should I use for my survey?

by Phil A.

iPerceptions offers 3 different invitation types that you can use to invite your website visitors to participate in your survey: Layered, Discreet and Redirect.  But how do you determine which one to use?  

This can come down to personal preference, as well as a number of factors such as the placement of the content on your website.  Below are some scenarios which could help provide guidance as to which invitation type to use for your survey: 

Layered (Recommended): When you would like those who qualify for an invitation to immediately see it.  Of the invitation types offered, this often garners the highest completion rate.

Discreet: When you would like to ensure that the content on the website remains the primary focus when the invitation is shown

Redirect: For very media-heavy websites, and you would like to ensure that the invitation does not interfere with this content

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