FAQ: I noticed that the name of my survey is piped into the text on the invitation for my mobile survey. How can I change the text that is being piped into the survey invitation?

by Phil A.

First, go to the “Research Design” section of the iPerceptions platform for your survey, and then go into the “Project Info” page.

Change the text provided within the “Site Name” field, and click “Save”.  Before making this change, please consider that this text is also being piped into certain aspects of your desktop survey (default Welcome Page, 4Q questions).

Next, you need to regenerate your survey invitations to apply the change to your mobile survey invitation. An easy way to do so would be going to the “Invitation Template" page for your survey, select a new invitation type / color, and save your changes.  Then, re-select the invitation type / color that you are wanting to use, and then save your changes again.



UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

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