Choosing Your Invitation Type

by Phil A.

Available with all iPerceptions plans is the ability to choose between 3 different types of invitations for your iPerceptions Certified Surveys or Custom Surveys. 

To select your desired invitation type, go to the “Research Design" section for your desired survey, then go to the "Invitation Template" page. 

On this page, make your selection by clicking the radio buttons provided on the right-hand side of your screen.  After making your selection, simply click the “Update” button provided:



Here is a quick overview of the 3 different invitation types from which you are able to select:   

Layered:  This option will serve the invitation as a DHTML layer over your website, which itself will be grayed out to bring focus to the survey invitation.  This invitation type is very visible to your visitors, while at the same time they can see that they are still on your website.

Discreet: This option makes a small invitation window appear from the bottom right corner of the visitor’s screen.  This is the smallest and least intrusive of the 3 invitation types. 

Redirect: This option will show the survey invitation in a new window or tab.  This option is usually considered whenever there may be technical restrictions on the website which may prevent Layered or Discreet invitations from appearing properly.  However, please note that redirecting a visitor to a new window or tab may be intrusive in the eyes of your visitors (temporarily taking them away from their website visit), while pop-up blockers may prevent this type of invitation to appear.



UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

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