Entering Translations for Your Survey

by Phil A.

For any DIY question and answer that you program, you will need to enter your own translations before you are able to activate this language for your survey. 

To enter your translations, simply select the “Translate” button provided for a question to begin:


 You will be shown two columns:

-          The left column will show you the original wording of the questions and answers

-          The right column will allow you to enter your translation for the corresponding question / answer




Whenever completed, simply click “Update Translation”, and the translations you have entered will now be programmed for this language.  Repeat these steps as necessary for each question and answer that needs to be translated, as well as for any additional language that you may have added to your survey.

Note that you will see the following symbols whenever there is a translation missing for a particular question:


Please note that you will not be able to activate this language for your survey until all of these warnings are addressed.

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