Exporting Your Survey Into a Document

by Phil A.

Using the “Export Questionnaire” feature on the “Research Setup” page of the iPerceptions Active Research Platform, you have the ability to export a copy of your research to a document for your future reference.


When selecting this option, a new window appears through which you can specify what to include in this export:


A: Two options are provided in this menu:

  • MS Word (Research setup): Export a copy of your research to a Microsoft Word document. This document includes the questions / answers that are programmed for your project, as well as their reporting descriptions and Tag ID numbers if desired (see D and E).  The Skip Logic and Branching that you programmed in your project is also provided.
  • MS Excel (Translations): Export a spreadsheet of all of the translations that have been programmed for your research to a Microsoft Excel document. 

B: If the “MS Word (Research Setup)” option is selected, specify the language version of your project that you would like to export to a document.

C: You can export different versions of your project to a document:

  • Archived: Version(s) which were previously live
  • Live: Version which is currently live
  • Draft (Edit): Version which has been modified but not yet published. 

The table in this window is divided into 4 columns:

  • Version: The version number for that version of the questionnaire
  • Status: Whether this is an archived, draft or live version of the questionnaire
  • Edited By: The user who published that particular version of the questionnaire
  • Date: The date this version of the questionnaire was published


D: If the “MS Word (Research Setup)” option is selected, choose whether to include the reporting descriptions programmed for each of the questions and answers for your project in your export.

E: If the “MS Word (Research Setup)” option is selected, choose whether to include the ID numbers for each of the answers programmed for your project in your export. 


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FAQCan I select more than 1 language version of my project at a time when using the “Export Questionnaire” feature?



UPDATED: December 17 2015

A number of new capabilities have been added to the "Export Questionnaire" feature (see here for an Announcement for these changes).  This article has been updated to provide more information about these new capabilities, as well as provide additional support links that go into more detail.   


UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

Content with regards to the previous version of the "Export Questionnaire" feature was removed to focus solely on the latest version of this feature.

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