The 'Publish' Button

by Phil A.

The ‘Publish’ button will be enabled if a “draft” version of the project exists, and there are modifications that have yet to be published to the live version of this project. 



Once the ‘Publish’ button is selected, the Active Research Platform will confirm if there are missing translations for any of the language packs that have been added to the project (in the “Translations” page).  If all translations have been entered, the following will occur:

  • All unpublished changes made on the “Research Setup”, "Translations" and “Look and Feel” pages of the project will be published
  • The current live version of the project will be archived (refer to the Versioning feature for more information)

The ‘Publish’ bar will update to confirm that all changes have been published.


Publish Warning Message


When working on the “draft” version of a project, or when moving forward with publishing changes, you may receive the following warning message:




When launching a survey in multiple languages, a warning message will appear if there are translations missing for one or more of the language packs associated to the project.

This occurs when changes are made to the master survey (on the “Research Setup” page), but translations have yet to be entered for these changes on the “Translations” page of the Active Research Platform. 

When receiving this message, the following 2 options are provided:

  • Continue: Selecting this option will publish the changes that were programmed, and the text for the missing translations will be shown in the default language of the project.  For example, if the default language of the project is English and there are missing translations for the Spanish version, the English text will appear in the Spanish version of the survey. 
  • Cancel: Selecting this option will close the “Missing Translations” message, and no changes will be published.  Selecting this option enables the user to go to the “Translations” page for the project and make any appropriate changes before publishing the changes.  


The Active Research Platform will not perform a “Missing Translations” test for questions that are deactivated at the time the ‘Publish’ button has been selected.  


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UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

Removed content relating to a warning message that appears when leaving the "Research Design" section of the iPerceptions platform with unpublished changes.

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