The 'Preview' Button (Options and Settings)

by Phil A.

UPDATED: March 4 2015




A ‘Preview’ button is provided on the ‘Publish’ bar that allows you to test the survey from the respondents’ point of view.   The Preview version will show all questions that have been activated, and all answers entered for it will not be saved. 

When clicking the ‘Preview’ button, a new window will open providing multiple options through which the iPerceptions survey can be previewed.  In addition to being able to test the survey directly in the Active Research Platform, additional options provided to access the Preview version of the survey include QR code, SMS, as well as an email link which can be provided to test the survey on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices.


The image provided below of the ‘Preview’ window shows what users will see when logged into the Active Research Platform using a Desktop device.  


Preview Options





# Preview Options How to use this option Desktop / Mobile / Tablet
1 Start Study Click to preview survey Desktop
2 Scan QR Code Scan the code using a Mobile / Tablet device Mobile and Tablet
3 Copy URL Copy and paste the URL into browser, e-mail, etc. All
4 Email to Enter the e-mail address to which you would like to send a preview link All
5 SMS to Enter the phone number of the person you would like to invite to preview your survey Mobile



Preview Settings




# Preview Settings Overview
1 Toggle Accessibility Enable this feature to activate handicap accessibility compliant features when previewing the survey.   
2 Toggle AutoAdvance

Selecting an answer for Single-Select, Single-Select with Score, Set-of-Ratings and Ranking questions will automatically advance the respondent to the next question.

Both of these settings can be modified at any time while taking the survey.   



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FAQWhat does iPerceptions do with the e-mail addresses and phone numbers that are entered in the “Preview” window?


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