Programming a Trigger

by Phil A.

By default, a trigger is programmed for each language version of the project which will trigger a survey invitation or comment card feedback button based on the “Browser Language” of the visitor (“English” in the example below). A trigger can be activated or deactivated at any time. 




1. Specify the language version of the project for which this trigger applies.


2. Program conditions for this trigger based on the Browser Language of the visitor, URL, URL parameter, Cookie, and Advanced Rules.


3. (Surveys Only) Set the invitation rate across Desktop, Mobile and/or Tablet devices for this trigger.  Invitation rates can be programmed to the hundredths decimal place (e.g. 0.05%, 2.25%, etc.). 


4. This toggle can be used to activate / deactivate a trigger. By default, new triggers are set to “inactive”.


5. The “Delete” button removes the trigger and its associated conditions.  

Note: There must always be at least one trigger for each of the language versions of the project.  Instead of deleting the trigger, you can instead choose to deactivate it (see #4).


6. The “Save” button to apply changes made to the triggers to your live project.

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