Programming a Trigger Condition

by Phil A.

Each trigger is comprised of one or more conditions which visitors must meet in order to qualify for a survey invitation or to be shown a comment card feedback button. 

Conditions within a trigger are processed sequentially.  As such, the order in which the conditions are listed within a given trigger needs to be considered (see #3 below).




1. Select the type of condition to program from Browser Language, URL, URL parameter, Cookie, Time Delay and Advanced Rules. Refer to the table in this article for more information on the types of conditions which can be programmed. 

Advanced Rules” also include the ability to program conditions based on visitors’ Device type (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet), and are examined in more detail in the next section.


2. Specify the way in which a visitor would meet this condition.


3.  If multiple conditions are programmed for a trigger, use the “AND” / “OR” operators to specify whether one or more of these conditions need to be met. 

Note: The priority sequence for the “AND” / “OR” operators are left-associative.  Refer to this article for more information.  


4. Select the “Add Condition” button to include additional conditions for the trigger.


5. Remove conditions by selecting their respective “Delete” buttons.


6. Drag and drop conditions to change their order by clicking the “vertical dotted line” icon for a given condition.

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