Creating Advanced Rules for Triggers

by Phil A.

“Advanced Rules” are sets of conditions that can be saved and applied as triggers for any of your projects.

To get started watch our tutorial on Advanced Rules:

To create an “Advanced Rule”, or to manage an existing one, select the “Manage Advanced Rules” button on the “Invitation Trigger” page and follow the instructions below:




Clicking this button opens an overlay in which you can create and manage your Advanced Rules: 




1. Enter a descriptive name for the new Advanced Rule, and click the “+” button.


2. This table lists existing Advanced Rules associated to your iperceptions account, and the number of triggers in which these Advanced Rules have been used as a condition. 

To edit an existing Advanced Rule, select it from the table, and you will be able to edit it in the right pane.


3. Edit the name of the Advanced Rule.


4. Modify the conditions programmed in the Advanced Rule.  

You can program conditions based on the visitors' Browser Language, URL, URL parameter, Cookie, Time Delay, Device Type, and Number of Pages Viewed. Refer to this article for more information on the types of conditions that can be programmed.  


5. Click the “Save” button to apply the changes made.


6. Create a copy of an existing Advanced Rule by clicking the “Duplicate” button.


Note: The ability to create conditions based on the 'Device' type that visitors are using, and 'Pages viewed' during the visitor during their session, is only available by using Advanced Rules.

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