Activating / Deactivating a Project's Language Pack

by Phil A.

If you are using the iPerceptions Universal Code for your projects

You can activate and deactivate collection for a specific language version of your project by deactivating all of the invitation triggers associated to that language version.  Click here to learn more about managing the invitation triggers for your projects.  


If you are using a legacy iPerceptions code for your project

While you do have the ability to activate or deactivate an entire project within the "Overview" section on the iPerceptions portal, you can also activate or deactivate certain language packs for your survey instead.  To do so, simply use the checkboxes provided for the respective languages in the "Active" column for a given project on the "Overview" section: 


In the example above, the "English" language version of the project is activated, whereas the "French (Canada)" language version is currently deactivated.  

Overall, this feature helps to ensure that you do not have to deactivate an entire project if ever you need to deactivate a certain language version of the survey.  Note that the "Active" checkboxes are only applicable when using a legacy version of the iPerceptions code.



UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  



UPDATED: October 15 2015

This article was separated into 2 sections to distinguish the difference in the processes depending on the version of the iPerceptions code implemented on your website.  

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