Try Our New Survey Creation Wizard!

by Phil A.

UPDATEDApril 22 2014


As part of our new Active Research platform, you will be able to create an iPerceptions Certified Survey with the help of our new Survey Creation Wizard! 

In addition to our 4Q Framework questions, the Survey Creation Wizard provides you with access to a bank of pre-programmed questions such as Visit Frequency, Path to Site, Age, What to Add, as well as an e-mail prompt if you would like to follow up with your respondents.

You can choose only to use the core 4Q Framework questions, or you can include all of the questions provided in the Survey Creation Wizard if you would like.  No limit is placed on the number of questions you can include from the Survey Creation Wizard within your iPerceptions Certified Survey.  


Survey Creation Wizard Questions

4Q Task Completion

Outcome Measures


Open Text

Follow Up (Email)

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