Creating a New iPerceptions Certified Survey

by Phil A.

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Available with any iPerceptions plan is the ability to create an iPerceptions Certified Survey, which allows you to leverage iPerceptions' proven 4Q methodology based on the following questions: 

- Overall Site Experience

- Purpose of Visit

- Task Completion

- Reason for Failed Task Completion (if applicable)

- Most positive aspect of website visit


In addition to these questions, you will also have access to the Survey Creation Wizard, which is a bank of commonly asked questions which you can add to your survey without counting towards your limit of custom questions.


To get started, click the "Create New Project" button provided in the "Overview" section of the platform, and then select the "4Q Task Completion Research" option. 

On the following page you will be asked to enter some background information on this particular project, such as its name, as well as the Industry and Objective of the website.  

Next, you will reach the Survey Creation Wizard, where you will be able to pick and choose any of the questions from our question bank which you would like to include in your survey.  For any questions you would like to add, ensure that the activation button next to them in the Survey Creation Wizard are green.




Click on "Create Project" whenever you are done, and you will enter the "Research Setup" page in the "Research Design" section of the platform, where you will be able to view and edit your new iPerceptions Certified Survey!



UPDATED: December 3 2015

This article was updated to reflect our new platform navigation being released on December 4 2015.  Check out this article to learn more about this update.  

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