FAQ: What is the difference between iPerceptions Certified Surveys and Custom Surveys?

by Phil A.

UPDATED: March 24 2015


Certified Surveys are based on the highly acclaimed 4Q Survey, which is designed to learn more about the following aspects of your website visitors:  

1) Overall Site Experience

2) Purpose of Visit

3) Task Completion

4) Reason for Failed Task Completion (if unsuccessful in completing their task)

5) Most positive aspect of their website visit (if successful in completing their task)


Certified Surveys also provide you with access to the Survey Creation Wizard, which provides a bank of questions where you can pick and choose pre-programmed questions that you would like to add to your survey in addition to the 4Q Framework questions.


As well, depending on the iPerceptions plan to which you are subscribed, Certified Surveys provide you with benchmarking capabilities where you can compare yourself to others in your industry based on Overall Site Experience, Purpose of Visit and Task Completion.  


On the other hand, if you would be looking to perform targeted research which is not based on the 4Q Framework, a Custom Survey provides you with a blank canvas for you to program only the questions that you would like to include in your research.  Custom Surveys can prove useful if you would be looking to implement a survey focused on a specific topic / aspect of your website, as opposed to evaluating the overall website experience (which the 4Q Framework questions help to provide).


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