FAQ: Is iPerceptions' survey invitation technology compliant with Google Adwords’ policy?

by Phil A.

Yes it is.  

iPerceptions’ representative invitation technology serves an interstitial page invitation.  An interstitial page provides extra information to a user while navigating from one page to the next.  It is important to understand the difference between an interstitial page and a pop up especially when running Adwords campaigns.

According to Google’s Adwords policy, Google does not allow pop-ups to appear when users enter or leave a landing page. Google allows interstitial pages, as long as they don't hinder a user from exiting a site. Please refer to Google’s Adwords policy for more details – click here

It is very important to understand that when a pop up survey invitation is used instead of an interstitial page, you risk the following in regards to your AdWords’ campaigns.

  • Having your campaign cancelled
  • Having your account suspended
  • Not collecting feedback from visitors arriving from Adwords

Rest assured that iPerceptions survey invitation technology serves an interstitial page invitation which is compliant with Google Adwords’ policy.

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