Survey Creation Wizard Questions – Outcome Measures

by Phil A.

When first creating an iPerceptions Certified Survey, you will have access to the Survey Creation Wizard which is a bank of commonly asked questions that you can add to your research (without counting towards your limit of custom questions). 

The Survey Creation Wizard divides these commonly asked questions into different categories.  The Outcome Measures category lists questions which evaluate your respondents’ behavior after visiting your website today.


Question 1: Following today’s visit, what will most likely be your next step?

Question Type


Answer List

You can enter your own answers (in addition to ‘Other, please specify’)


Question 2: Based on your experience today, how likely are you to recommend [Site Name] to friends and relatives?

Question Type

Single-Select with Score

Answer List

Horizontal 0 – 10 scale (from “Not at all likely” to “Extremely likely”)


Other Survey Creation Wizard Questions

4Q Task Completion


Open Text

Follow Up (Email)

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