Tip: What Are The Benefits Of Adding The Email Question?

by Christopher Pam

Choosing to include the “email” question in your survey can provide a fantastic opportunity to build brand loyalty and really connect with your visitors.

There are many changes and suggestions made by your site visitors than can be accomplished in a very short time. From adding a couple of extra links on a landing page that help visitors locate previously hard to find content, to making an action button more obvious, “low hanging fruit” should be a development priority.

If you have the “email” question enabled, you are able to circle back with your visitor and ask their opinion on your most recent change. By doing so you will be telling your visitors that their opinions matter, and their involvement and engagement with your site will increase accordingly.

Everyone wants to feel like a consultant, and an email check-in when changes are made will help make your visitors feel valued and important; both positive emotions that will be directly associated with you and your site.

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