Keeping Your Purpose Of Visit Answers Relevant

by Christopher Pam

The Purpose of Visit (PoV) question is a great way to identify and profile the customers visiting your website. However, determining which choices to include in your PoV question may take some trial and error.

If one of your current choices is less than 3-4%, consider modifying or replacing it. For hints on how to modify it or what to replace it with, download your datafile and review the answers to your ‘Other, please specify’ choice. Consider those answers that keep getting repeated, but end up “lost” in the aggregation of the ‘Other, please specify’ choice.  

It may also make sense to get more granular on broader groupings or to combine smaller groupings into larger ones. For example, if one of your choices is ‘Learn about products and services’ and represents 60% of your traffic, it might make sense to break it into two groupings: ‘Learn about products’ and ‘Learn about services’. Conversely, if ‘Sign up for the weekly newsletter’ and ‘Sign up for the monthly newsletter’ are both at 1-2%, perhaps rolling them up into ‘Sign up for a newsletter’ is the best option.

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    Guillermo Ermel

    Where can I download datafile option? I have a free account. Best, Guillermo

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    Christopher Pam

    Hi Guillermo,

    Click the "Export" button under the survey in question on the My Surveys page, then specify the parameters of the file to be exported.




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    When I DO change the PoV categories to keep them relevant ... then the analytics dashboards don't update to match...Why??

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    Christopher Pam

    If you edit a current purpose of visit (instead of deleting it and adding another one), you will also need to update the "reporting description" to match the new answer. The reporting description only appears in the reporting interface, so no clients will be affected by this change.

    In the "edit question" interface, there is a tab to change the main PoV answers, and a 2nd tab that will allow you to change the reporting descriptions. Please note that the reporting descriptions are in same order as the answers.

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