Available Question Types

by Phil A.

Available with all iPerceptions plans is the ability to add the following types of questions within your survey:



- Single-select: Ability to select only one answer

- Multi-select: Ability to select one or multiple answers



- Open-ended text: Ability to provide open-ended feedback (500-character limit)

- Request Form Fields: Ability to collect contact information from respondents



- Calculated Fields: Respondent can assign a certain weight to different items (e.g. what proportion of your monthly budget do you assign to: Mortgage / Rent, Groceries, Entertainment, etc.) 

- Set-of-Ratings: Ability to rate multiple items on the same scale at the same time

- Ranking: Ability to rank multiple items on the same scale (e.g. rank in terms of "Importance")

- Single-select with score: Ability to rate one item on a given scale

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