Question Types

by Isabelle Rochon

Add a new question by hovering your cursor over the “Add Question” button on the Research Setup Page, and selecting the type of question you would like to add to your survey: For each different type of question, choose to create a custom question or select an option from our library of suggestions. 

Question Types 


Single-select: Respondents select only one answer  

Example: What is your favourite colour? 

Multi-select: Respondents select one or multiple answers  

Example: Which of the following apply? 



Open-ended text: Respondents provide open-ended feedback (500-character limit)  

Example: Please tell us how we could improve our website. 

Request Form Fields: Respondents provide specific information. 

Example: Please leave us your email and we will reach out to you to discuss our offerings. 



Set-of-RatingsRespondents rate multiple items on the same scale in the same question 

Example: Rate the quality of the different items you purchased on a scale of 1-5 

RankingRespondents rank multiple items on a given scale.  

Example: Rank the following items in terms of importance to you. 

Single-select with scoreRespondents rate one item on a given scale  

Example: How satisfied are you with your purchase on a scale of 1-5? 

Attribute questions: Respondents rank your website’s features relative to their best online experience. This type of question uses the standard attributes scale. 


Attribute stem: Based on your best online experience, how would you rate [your website] as a site that... 

Question: is easy to navigate? 

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