Adding Behaviors to Your Answers

by Isabelle Rochon

Apply different behaviors to your answers for single-select and multi-select questions.  

Do this by clicking the pencil button next to the answers box and selecting the answer to which you want to apply the behavior. 

Behavior Types: 

Other Text Box 

A 255-character limit text box appears next to the answer when it is selected by a respondent. 

Example: Other, please specify. 

Fixed Position 

Ensures that this answer remains in the same position in which it is programmed. 

Example: If you choose to randomize your answers, but you wish to keep "Other, please specify" at the bottom of the answer list, use this feature.   


Lockout (only available for multi-select questions) 

When this answer is selected, respondents cannot select any of the other answers provided. 

Example: “None of the above”. 


Note: Always make sure to save your changes. 

Tip: The value of the "Other, please specify" answer

FAQ: Adding the "Other Text Box" behavior to multiple answers

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