Adding Behaviors to Your Answers

by Phil A.

For single-select and multi-select questions, you are able to apply certain behaviors for your answers for whenever your respondents select them.

You can start applying behaviors by going into Edit Mode for a question, selecting the answer for which you would like to apply a behavior, and then selecting either of these options which will appear on the right of your screen:

- Other Text Box: A 255-character limit text box appears when an answer is selected.  Commonly used for “Other, please specify” answers.

- Fixed Position: Ensures that this answer remains in the same position in which it is programmed if ever you choose to randomize your answers.  For example, if you choose to randomize your answers, but you wish to keep "Other, please specify" at the bottom of the answer list.  

- Lockout (only available for multi-select questions):  When this answer is selected, it will prevent respondents from being able to select any of the other answers provided.  Commonly used for answers like “None of the above”.


After applying a behavior to an answer, always ensure to save your changes by clicking the "Save" button provided at the bottom of the question's Edit Mode.  


Tip: The value of the "Other, please specify" answer

FAQ: Adding the "Other Text Box" behavior to multiple answers

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