FAQ: Why can't I see a "Save" button when creating a new question?

by Phil A.

You will notice that the “Save” button is not immediately present whenever creating a brand new question.  In order to make this button appear, simply click the “Activation” button provided next to the “Question” field, and then select the number of columns in which you would like your answers to appear (if your question type calls for it).  

This process is in place to ensure that you are comfortable with the new question that you have programmed, and are ready to make it part of your questionnaire. 






Once the “Save” button is clicked, your new question will now appear at the bottom of your survey.  Note that newly-programmed questions will be deactivated by default (their activation buttons will be red), so rest assured that your new question will only be pushed to your live questionnaire once you activate the question yourself.

Note that if you do not click the “Save” button when programming your new question, and instead simply click the “Close” button, then anything you have entered for your new question will be discarded.

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