Editing the Wording of Existing Questions and Answers

by Phil A.

After launching your survey, you may choose to modify the wording of one of your existing questions, while keeping its meaning the same.  For example:

From: “Which site features did you use today?" 

To: “Which of the following site features did you use today?”

When editing the wording of a question, you are often provided with two options, as shown on the screenshot below:





After editing the wording of your question, select the “Edit” icon to ensure that the question ID for this question remains the same.  Keeping the same question ID will ensure that you are still able to access the historical data for this question, even though the wording of the question itself has changed. 

Selecting the “Activate” icon should only be used if the changes to the question will change the actual meaning of it.  Selecting this button will provide a new question ID for this question, and the portal will identify it as a brand new question.

The same logic applies for when you choose to edit existing answers.  If you feel that the meaning of the answer will not significantly change, then select the “Edit” button for that answer, enter your change, and then click “Update Text”.



On the other hand, if you feel that the meaning of the answer will change as a result of the wording change, then you should instead add it as a new answer. 

Overall, use your best judgement when editing the wording of existing questions and answers, especially when considering its potential impact on how you will be analyzing your historical data. 

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