Editing Your "Purpose of Visit" Question

by Phil A.

UPDATEDNovember 11 2014


By default, when creating an iPerceptions Certified Survey, you will notice that the only answer already programmed for your Purpose of Visit question is “Other, please specify”.  We understand that people’s reasons for visiting a website will vary depending on individual websites, which is why we provide you with the ability to add your own Purposes of Visit. 

However, there is slight difference with the way that you need to program the Purpose of Visit question compared to all of the other questions you will program; each answer needs to be categorized according to predefined categories that are dependent on the Site Objective that you had assigned to your survey.  The list of Purpose of Visit categories for each Site Objective can be found here.  



1) Select the category of the Purpose of Visit that will be added as an answer choice to this question

2) Type the Purpose of Visit answers in the text fields provided

3) Selecting the “Fixed Position” checkbox for an answer choice ensures that it will always be shown in the same position for all respondents.  In the example above, “Report a Problem” will be shown as the second answer choice for all respondents, and “Other (please specify)” will always be shown as the last answer choice. 

4) Individual answer choices can be removed by selecting this icon.  Note that the historical benchmarking data for deleted answers will be accessible in the reporting. 

5) Additional answer choices can be added by selecting this button.

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