Editing Your "Purpose of Visit" Question

by Isabelle Rochon

When adding the Puprose of Visit question to your survey, you will notice that  “Other, please specify” is programmed by default.  We understand that visitors’ reasons for visiting your website will vary. For this reason, we ask you to add your own custom answers to this question 

Programming the Purpose of Visit question is slightly different from other questions. Each answer is categorized according to predefined categories. These categories are dependent on the Site Objective that you assigned to your survey during creation.  The list of Purpose of Visit categories for each Site Objective can be found here.   


To add an answer: 

1) Click the “Add Answer” button. 

2) Choose the category that corresponds to the Purpose of Visit you’re adding.  

3) Type the Purpose of Visit in the text field provided.  

4) Save your changes. 


Fixed Position 

Check the “Fixed Position” checkbox for an answer to ensure that it will always be shown in the same position for all respondents.  

Sorting Answers 

Sort answers by dragging and dropping them to the desired position. Configure your preferences for the answers’ display under “Answer display options” at the bottom of the window. 

Delete an Answer 

Delete an answer by clicking the trash bin button next to the answer. Note that the historical benchmarking data for deleted answers will remain accessible in the reporting.  


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