Adding New Answers and Headers

by Isabelle Rochon

Add answers by entering your text in the “Add Answer” box provided, and clicking the green add button.  Your newly-programmed answer will now appear in the “Answers” box:                                    



If you are planning to list many answers, you can choose to add different headers to categorize your answers.  

Simply add the name of the header in the "Add Answer" box, and instead of clicking on the green + button, click on the Add Header button next to it.  Headers will appear in the Answers box in bold once they have been added. 

The answers for a question can be edited, reordered, or deleted by using the options to the right of the "Answers" box:                              



Edit an answer 

Select the answer you want to edit in the “Answers” box and click the pencil icon to edit the text. 

Move an answer up or down 

Select the answer you want to edit in the “Answers” box and click the up or down arrows to change its position in the list of answers. 

Delete an answer 

Select the answer you would like to delete in the “Answers” box and click the “X” button to delete it. 

Clear all answers 

Click the “Delete All Answers” button to delete all the saved answers. 




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