Adding Reporting Descriptions

by Phil A.

By default, the full text used for your questions and answers will be shown in full whenever you are analyzing your data through either the Analyze tools provided, or whenever reviewing your data through a CSV / XML format datafile (through the Data Export feature).  

However, you are able to program reporting descriptions to summarize the questions / answers, and in turn making it easier for you to review your data.

For example, you can program the reporting description "Satisfaction with Site Feature" to summarize your question "Please rate your satisfaction with the following site features".  

To program your reporting descriptions, simply go to "Edit Mode" for your desired question, and then click on the "Reporting Description (optional)" tab: 



Step 1: Editing the reporting description for the question

Type your desired reporting description, and then click the "Apply" button provided at the right of the Question text box.  Note that there is a 50-character limit for questions' reporting descriptions:



Step 2: Editing reporting descriptions for answers

Select the answer for which you would like to edit the reporting description, type your desired reporting description in the text box provided, and then click the "Apply" button provided at the right of the text box.  Note that reporting descriptions for answers have a 25-character limit :


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