Tip: The value of the "Other, Please Specify" answer

by Phil A.

While programming an “Other, please specify” answer may not be applicable for certain types of questions, this type of answer can help you find certain answers which you may not have initially considered when first programming your question. 

As well, if none of the answers that you have provided do not apply to certain respondents, this answer choice would provide them a way to answer your question while avoiding having to provide an inaccurate answer.  

As users are provided a text box to specify their “Other” answer, it can be very useful to consistently monitor these responses over time to find any new trends, especially if the proportion of respondents who answered “Other” for a certain question is above 5%.

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    Ashby, Brennan

    Is there a way to see what a user entered as their "Other" answer? While analyzing the survey data, the "Other" selection is indicated, but nowhere on any of the Analyze pages does it actually say what the user specified as their "Other" answer.

    By the post above, it makes it sound like you can see the entered text, somehow. If you can't see it, then what is the purpose of having that option (specified text)?

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    Phil A.

    Hi Brennan,

    The specific "Other, please specify" answers that were provided by your respondents can be retrieved by using the "Export" feature for your survey, which you can find within the "My Projects" section of the portal.

    Thanks, and please let me know if this helps!


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