FAQ: What are the "Device" and "Source" questions?

by Phil A.

When creating a new iPerceptions Certified Survey or Custom Survey, you will notice that there are 2 questions already programmed at the beginning of your questionnaire: “Device” and “Source”. 

These are variables which are automatically populated based on where your respondents received the survey invitation.  While you are not able to either remove or change the order of these questions, rest assured that they are hidden questions, and that your respondents will not be shown these two questions. 

A quick description of these two questions: 

Device: This variable allows you to identify the type of device on which your respondents were invited to participate in your survey (e.g. desktop / laptop, tablet, mobile).

Source: This variable allows you to determine whether your respondents were invited on a website, via an e-mail or through any of the different sources listed.  For example, if you chose to provide your survey through both your website and via e-mail, this variable will allow you to separate the data based on these two sources accordingly.

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