Creating a New Custom Scale

by Isabelle Rochon

Scales are used for 3 types of questions: 

  • Single-Select with Score 
  • Set-of-Ratings 
  • Ranking  

Choose to use one of our standard scales provided in the drop-down menu in the portal or create your own by clicking the “+” button next to the standard options.  

Creating Custom Scales 

Start by giving your scale a name in the “Scale description” box and adding different scale items to the list.  


The following example shows you a five-item scale with a qualitative element and a quantitative numerical score for each item. The quantitative score is helpful for conducting data analysis (e.g. average satisfaction).  

The numerical scores you assign should reflect the value of the associated item.  

For example:  

Scale DescriptionSatisfaction with Site Feature 

Very Dissatisfied: 1 

Somewhat Dissatisfied: 2 

Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied: 3 

Somewhat Satisfied4 

Satisfied: 5 

Did not use = No score assigned (uncheck the “Item with score” box for this item) 




Once you save your scale, it will be saved to the portal. Access it by clicking the “Scale” box provided in Edit Mode for that question and any question of the same type that you create in the future.  




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