Creating a New Scale

by Phil A.

UPDATED: April 10 2014


Scales are required whenever programming a Single-Select With Score, Set-of-Ratings or Ranking question.  If none of the default scales provided in the portal meet your current needs, you are able to create your own scale through the portal. 

To do so, go to "Edit Mode" for this question, then click the "Custom Scale" button when you are already in Edit Mode for your question:



A new window will appear whenever you choose to create your own scale.  Simply name your scale, and enter the items you would like to see within your scale. 

Note that you will be asked to enter scores for your scale items before being able to save your scale.  This comes in handy whenever you start analyzing your data and you would like to view your data as an average. 

The scores you assign should be reflective of the item you are scoring, and no score should be assigned to items which do not “fit” within the scale you program.  Please refer to the example provided below:

Scale: Satisfaction with Site Feature

Very Dissatisfied = 1

Somewhat Dissatisfied = 2

Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied = 3

Somewhat Satisfied = 4

Very Satisfied = 5  

Did not use = No score assigned (uncheck the “Item with score” box for this item)


Once you have saved your scale, you will be able to access it within the “Scale” box provided in Edit Mode for your question.  Note that if you create a custom scale for a certain type of question – for example, Set-of-Ratings - you will be able to reuse this scale if you choose to program another Set-of-Ratings question. 

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