Tip: Ways to collect contact information from your respondents

by Phil A.

When creating an iPerceptions Certified Survey, our Survey Creation Wizard allows you to select a question which prompts your respondents to provide their e-mail address in the event that you would like to follow up with them:




Alternatively, if you desire to collect more information from your respondents, you can add a DIY question which allows you to do so.  By adding a “Request Form Fields” question, you can provide your respondents to provide not only for their e-mail address, but also for other information like “Name”, “Company Name”, “Phone Number”, or any other type of contact information you would be interested in collecting from your respondents. 

Different fields would be provided for the different types of information you would be collecting.  By default, these fields are optional for the respondent to answer, though you can choose to make certain fields mandatory by selecting the "is required" checkbox provided for these answers.  However, keep in mind that some respondents may not feel entirely comfortable providing the type of information that you would make mandatory, so please use this feature with caution. 

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