FAQ: When should I show my answers in multiple columns or in a drop-down menu?

by Phil A.

For certain question types, like Single-Select and Multi-Select, you will have the option to show your answers in 1, 2, or 3 columns.  As well, you will also have the option to show your responses in a drop-down menu, as opposed to showing all of the available answers on the respondents’ screen at the same time.

If you are having trouble determining the best way in which to display your answers, we often suggest the following:

1 Column: When showing fewer than 10 responses

2 – 3 Columns: When showing more than 10 responses (looks cleaner on the respondents’ screen)

Drop-Down List: When you feel showing the answers in 2 – 3 columns does not appear as visually pleasing as you would like.  This can often be used when asking for the respondents’ country of origin (listing all possible options), or whenever you want to provide a long list of different answers in 1 column (often in alphabetical order).


Overall, use your best judgment to determine the best way in which to display your answers.  However, we strongly recommend using the “Launch Questionnaire Preview” option provided throughout the portal to test the aesthetic aspects of your survey before activating it.  

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