FAQ: When should I randomize my answers?

by Phil A.

For many question types, you will be able to randomize your answers so that their order is changed for every respondent.  You can enable this function by selecting the following button when in Edit Mode for a particular question:



Randomizing your answers can often be performed to help reduce bias from those who often select the first answer that they read which applies to them, without reading all of the answer choices provided.  Randomizing your answers can help ensure that these respondents review every answer before making their selection. 

Overall, randomizing your answers can come down to personal preference, however we strongly suggest avoiding this functionality for any questions where the answers are meant to be listed in order.  For example, the answers should not be randomized when listing age groups (Under 18, 18 – 34, 35 – 54, 55+), or when showing a list of answers which should be shown alphabetically.

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