Randomizing Your Answer Choices

by Phil A.

UPDATED: October 15 2015


By default, the answer choices that you provide to your respondents will appear in the same order that you had saved them on the portal.  However, you do have the option of randomizing your answer choices should you want them to appear in a different order from respondent to respondent.  

To apply this functionality, simply enter "Edit Mode" for your desired question by clicking the "Edit" icon provided:



After all of your answers are programmed, click the "Randomize" button provided below the "Answers" box.  After doing so, simply click the "Save" button provided and your change will be saved:




If you would like to test your changes, select the "Preview" button provided at the top of the page.

If you would like to ensure that certain answers are not affected by the "Randomize" feature (example: when you want to keep the "None of the above" answer at the bottom of the list), click here to learn about the "Fixed Position" functionality.  


FAQ: When should I randomize my answers?

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