Adding Skip Logic and Branching to your Research - User Guide

by Phil A.

Based on the goal of your iPerceptions research, you may sometimes want to focus on a particular group of respondents. However, while some questions would be applicable to some visitors, they may not apply to others.
For example, if you want to ask those coming to “purchase a product” to rate the purchasing process on your website, this type of question may not be suitable for someone that came to your website to “obtain product support”. 

At the same time, there may be instances where you would want to show a specific answer list for a question, based on how respondents answered a previous question. 

Available as of the iPerceptions Premium plan, you have the ability to program Skip Logic and Branching to your questions: 

Skip Logic: Determine which questions a respondent will be asked based on answers that they have already provided in the survey. 

Branching: Show or hide certain answers for questions for each respondent based on the answers that they provided earlier in the survey. 

In using these features, you can keep your research questions relevant and engaging for your survey respondents. As well, it can also prove to be beneficial for when it comes time to analyze your data. This user guide explains the different types of skip logic available with iPerceptions and step-by-step instructions on how to program skip logic in your iPerceptions’ surveys.

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