Adding Reporting Descriptions for a Scale

by Phil A.

UPDATED: October 15 2015


By default, the full text used for your questions, answers and scales will be shown in full whenever you are analyzing your data using either the Analyze tools provided, or whenever reviewing your data through a CSV / XML format datafile (through the Data Export feature).  This article examines how you can update the reporting descriptions for scales.  

A scenario where changing the reporting descriptions for a scale can be considered is when using text descriptors on certain items in the scale, and you would like all of your data for this question to be reported as numerical values.

Example: If using the following scale for your question, and you would like "Outstanding", "Neutral", and "Very Bad" to instead be shown in the reporting tools as "5", "3" and "1", respectively.  





Step 1: Go to Edit Mode for your 1st question





Step 2: While in Edit Mode for the question, select the "Edit" button for the scale 





Step 3: A new window will appear which includes your scale. Go to the "Short Descriptions" tab




Step 4: Select the item for which you want to change its reporting description, enter the reporting description you would like to use, then click "Update text".  Repeat this step for each item you would like to update.  





Step 5: Save your changes in the "Scale" window, then save your changes on the "Edit Mode" window. 






Keep in mind that saving changes in Edit Mode for a question will deactivate this question, so make sure to activate it, then publish your changes, whenever you are ready to push this question to your live survey.  

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