Question Modification Options

by Isabelle Rochon

Find these options next to your custom questions in the Research Setup tab.  


1. Edit the question in Edit Mode. 

Edit the wording of a question that will maintain the same meaning by simply clicking the pencil button to enter edit mode. Apply your changes to the question directly in the text box provided. Make sure to save your changes.  

For example:   

From: “Which site features did you use today?"  

To: “Which of the following site features did you use today?” 

Note: If your modifications will change the meaning of the question, add a new question instead.  


Edit an Answer 

If your answer maintains the same meaning, select the answer you’d like to edit and click the pencil button next to answers in edit mode. After you have applied your changes, click the save button next to the “Add answer” text box. 

Note: If the meaning of the answer will change as a result of the wording change, add a new answer instead. You will still have access to historical data for deleted answers. 


Adding an Answer 

Enter edit mode, write the new answer in the answer box, and click the green “add” button. Save your changes. 

Note: After making any edits, ensure the question ID has remained unchanged. This is important for accessing historical data and analyzing your research.  

Note: This option is not available For Certified Surveys or questions added using the Survey Creation Wizard. 


2. Program Skip Logic and Branching for this question.


3. Archive this question

This question will be removed from this survey, and added to the Archived Questions folder. 


4. Activate (green) or deactivate (red) this question. 

Only activated questions can be seen in the Preview version of this survey, and will be shown to your survey respondents.  

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